Mr. Hamel did some family law work for us. He was timely and professional, and we were happy with the results.

Alexander R.

Mr. Hamel is a second to none top notch attorney. He genuinely cares for his clients. I recommend him to any one.

Randy D.

David Hamel was my lawyer during a very rough patch in my life. I had been fired from my job and charged with some bogus charges by the request of former employer. Mr. Hamel met with me and we talked about my entire case in detail. He met several times with the DA to show what I had been charged with wasn't even a crime. When they disagreed, Mr. Hamel continued to push them back into a corner until they finally dropped the charges. He's a fighter and a very hard working lawyer. Dave defends his clients as if he was personally offended that they have been charged with a crime. He is a very competent and competitive. I would recommend Dave Hamel's services to anyone in need of them.


Helped me out for way cheaper than the other attorneys I went to.

Kevin G.

Helping a Veteran in need. - I am a disabled Veteran and reached out to anyone that would listen, looking for help in my divorce. My $ was scarce and I was on the waiting list with Lawyers For Heroes, but with no one volunteering to take my case. David offered to help and from day 1, I felt much better about my situation and the pending outcome. He exhausted time and energy to ensure each piece of the case was reviewed thoroughly and all disagreements were discussed and dealt with. David fought to help preserve my ability to support myself and to see my son as much as I could in the wake of the divorce, without his knowledge, professionalism, and willingness to help me, I would not be where I am today. I highly recommend his services.


David is a master attorney. His talent is unparalleled. If I ever get hemmed up in OK, David is my first call. He is THE go-to criminal lawyer.

Keith Bruno