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Firearms Laws Can Be Confusing - Get the Clarification & Representation You Need

Many people, including David Hamel, have a passion for firearms - they may be collectors, shooting enthusiasts or hunters and they likely know a bit about the laws related to carrying their weapon. That said, firearms laws differ greatly from state to state and often have clauses within the laws that can be tricky or confusing. If you're charged with a firearms offense, you need to get legal representation quickly to ensure you aren't penalized unjustly.

The state of Oklahoma is considered an "open carry" state, but there are certain times where you absolutely may not carry a firearm, despite having the proper permits. If you are caught with a firearm in one of these instances, it is possible that you may have your gun carry privileges revoked. You may be fined or even jailed.

Don't let your rights be stripped from you. Call an attorney who you can trust to handle your firearms law case. If you are charged with a crime involving a gun, or are simply searching for legal clarification of the law, David C. Hamel is the lawyer for you.

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